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September 2013

A new reproduction, "1837 Crown Sampler," from Plum Street Samplers is our September feature:

1837 Crown Sampler

Originally taught at a guild, the chart was released at the August St. Charles market. Jean is still in her 50 count linen phase, so The Attic has a conversion for Tudor Silks.

August 2013

August featured the lovely "Arabella S. Graves" sampler from The Travelling Stitcher:

Arabella S. Graves

The original sampler was stitched on uneven weave fabric, perfect for the new uneven 50c linen. The stitch count is almost square but when stitched on uneven weave linen it will become elongated. It is charted for NPI and AVAS silks.

July 2013

July month we paid tribute to our Grandmothers with the new button box from Linda/Needlemade Designs:

Grandmother's Button Box

Many of us have buttons from our grandmother's button box and need to do something special with them ~ this Art Noveau design of bleeding hearts flowers and vine on a pincushion mounted to the top of a wonderful cherrywood slide-top antique reproduction box from Priscilla's Pocket is the perfect project for them! The set is complete with a coordinating needlepage, scissors pouch, scissors fob and a button bag.

June 2013

June's feature was another Norfolk sampler, a reproduction from Gloria/Milady's Needle:

M. Woods

More information on the sampler may be found in Joanne Martin Lukacher's book Imitation and Improvement - The Norfolk Sampler Tradition, also available from The Attic. Gloriana dyed three colors of Tudor Silks just for this sampler for stitchers who would like to stitch it on 50c Lakeside Linen.

April - May 2013

Due to The Attic's move at the end of April two reproductions were co-samplers of the month from April through May. From Gigi R was the reproduction "ATS Saxony and from Needlework Press was "Mary Mccallester 1824":

ATS Saxony Sampler (original antique)
Mary Mccallester 1824 (reproduction)

"ATS Saxony Sampler" requires a special cut of linen to accommodate it's length (33.5" on 40c, 37.2" on 36c). "Mary Mccallester" was charted for a combination of NPI and Belle Soie silks.

March 2013

Another new reproduction, this time from Tanya/The Scarlett House:

Rachel Howells 1856

Tanya says:

I was told by a lady very familiar with Welsh samplers that it represents those done in the Carmarthen area of Wales. The large pair of birds was often a prominent feature. The original was stitched on canvas with wool.

Charted for NPI silks, an over-dyed silk conversion is available.

February 2013

February's sampler was a reproduction from Vickie & Maegan/NeedleWorkPress. It was the perfect sampler for Valentine month, with Mary's red dress & slippers, red rose, & cherubs:

If it looked familiar to you it may have been because a very similar sampler in the Whitman Sampler Collection (Philadelphia Museum of Art) by Sovine Palphreyman was reproduced by HandWork in 1999.

The sampler is charted for over-dyed silks.

January 2013

Published in Joanne Lukacher's newest book, Imitation and Improvement: The Norfolk Sampler Tradition, January's sampler was from Becky and Julie of In the Company of Friends in the Norfolk style:

The piece is mostly cross stitch over two and one with some satin stitch. The designers give you the option of using freehand embroidery typical of Norfolk samplers or charted stitches in the corners.

Charted for NPI silks, an over-dyed silk conversion is available from The Attic.